September 2, 2016

Speech Writing

Ready for the Roar of Applause?need-a-speech-writer

Need a speech prepared for a business event, fundraiser, or ceremony? Want to impress and inspire your audience?

Standing at the podium, you have three opportunities.

1.  A speech that doesn’t manage to connect and is ignored.

2.  A speech people hear, but soon forget.

3.  A strong oration that people remember.

That’s it, three paths – and only one is memorable. So how do you ensure that you take the correct path?

Great speeches are carefully crafted works of art. I’m going to let you in on some of the secrets to making your speech unforgettable.

The Openinghire-a-speech-writer

Think of the introduction as your headline. Engage your audience right out of the gate, and you set yourself up to hold their interest.

Powerful opening lines tell your listeners you have something to say that’s worth their undivided attention – no drifting off or fiddling with phones.

You must welcome attention in order to get it. Make it so intriguing, people can’t help but listen to find out where you’re going with it. Or use words that hit people in the gut (in a good way).

Personal Impact

This one is crucial. When you speak to a crowd, chances are they won’t all know you individually. Establspeech-writing-topicsish a connection to your audience by relating to them, and they become personally invested in what you have to say.

Bring up a feeling or an experience people can relate to. Storytelling can connect to an audience like no other method, setting the foundation of a bond between speaker and listeners.

That is particularly important for persuasive speech topics.

Sound good? More on that in a moment. But first, the most important aspect:


The last thing you want people to think is “What’s the point of this?” If the purpose isn’t
clear to the author of the speech, it won’t be clear to the audience. Adhere to a theme – one underlying message.

This should be the first thing you decide upon: your foundation. A speech done well will address a unifying theme time and again to strengthen the core message.

If you’re wondering how to write a speech outline, that is your ticket. Start with your main message and build supporting points from there.

Examples of Themes and Underlying Emotionswelcome-speech

  • The importance of education
    • Relate to feeling motivation, accomplishment
  • Beaches should be clean
    • Sadness, hope
  • What can I do for my country
    • Pride, patriotism

Substance and Stylebusiness-speech

You need quality content with consistent style that holds attention throughout:

  • Persuasive
  • Entertaining
  • Motivational
  • Or a combination from those three

No sagging in the middle. Lean, strong prose all the way through, friends!


Writing something intended to be conversational is much harder than one might think. Why? You’re not actually having a conversation. It’s a planned monologue, and conversation is typically unplanned.

Read your speech out loud to yourself. Does it sound naturally conversational, or forced? Imagine you are telling a story to a friend or a colleague – someone you wish to impress. Talk aloud about something that happened to you personally, Then apply that tone of voice to your speech.


Above all, you want to come across as sincere. Our world today, full of inescapable advertising, has conditioned people to be quite critical. If their insincerity radar goes off, they will have no desire to take your words seriously.

Be honest. Put your heart into it. Earnest words can be electrifying.

  • People will remember you for it.
  • Your audience will feel honored that you shared it with them.
  • You succeed at role-swapping.
    • Instead of a crowd that thinks, “You owe me, I listened to you,” you earn “I owe you…You moved me.”

    Your Moment in the Sun

    You could apply all of this yourself – or you can save time and hire a writer to apply these tips expertly for you.

    This is your shot: with your words and ideas, I can prepare your speech so that you can take path number three.

    A speech that people enjoy and remember.

    Contact me today for a free, no obligation consultation. If afterwards you choose to proceed, my services include up to 3 revisions at no additional cost. Success awaits you!

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