August 28, 2016

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Content Writing Services

Welcome! I write creative content for websites, ads, articles, sales literature and more.

If the copy you're interested in is not listed below, no problem. Just contact me and we can discuss it.

Piece Medium Description
Advertorial Print Editorial- or objective-style newspaper/magazine ad
Article Digital, Print Generate visitors with original copy
Autoresponder Emails Digital Add personality to auto-response emails to improve customer relationships
Banner Ad or Text Ad Digital Funnel visitors to specific promotions
Blog Post Digital Original writing on a specific blog post to drive visitors
Brochure Print Describe to prospects the benefits of a product or service
Case Study Digital, Print Illustrate how valuable a product or service is with a problem/solution scenario
Category Page Content Digital Write or re-write main site pages (About, Services, etc.)
Company Description Digital Write description for directory site such as Yelp
Competitive Analysis Digital, Print Report on competitors' promotions, strengths and weaknesses
Copy Critique Digital, Print Review of current copy content with suggestions for improvements
Coupon Print Add appealing content to coupon promotions to drive sales
Direct Mail Sales Letter Print Conversion-focused sales letter
Direct Mail Self Mailer Print Content for postcard-sized piece to generate leads and sales
E-book Digital Information for consumers in a handy electronic guide
E-newsletter/E-zine Digital Stay connected to loyal customers through a special newsletter
FAQs Digital, Print Address frequently asked customer questions
Ghostwriting Digital, Print Blog post, article, or other material confidential and credited to another person
Home Page Content Digital Write or re-write Home Page content for user-friendliness, and sales conversion
How-to Guide, Tour or Buying Guide Digital, Print User-friendly explanation for using a product, service or site, or performing a task
Landing Page for Single Promotion Digital Specific, conversion-focused landing page
Pay-Per-Click (PPC)/Search Engine Ads Campaign Digital Search engine ad designed to generate traffic and sales
Poster Print Custom content for poster to draw attention with a memorable message
Press Release Digital, Print Address the media with originally-crafted PR
Print Ad Print Content for a quarter-page to full-page print advertisement
Product Page Content Digital Write or re-write web page for a specific product or service
Real Estate Digital, Print An original property description which transforms features into benefits and connects to potential buyers' senses and emotions. Welcome prospects who already feel personally invested before they ever step on site!
Sell Sheet Print Arm sales reps with a piece that succinctly highlights product features and benefits
Social Media Campaign Digital Attract likes, shares and conversions with a super-targeted social media ad
Social Media Content Digital Write content for an engaging social media page description
Social Media Management Digital Consistently grow your social networking presence with up to 2 posts per day, up to 6 days per week
Speech Writing - Win over the crowd with a moving speech
Stand-alone Email Digital Specific sales-conversion or business email
Store Sign Signage Custom content for signage to showcase special offers and generate excitement
Survey Wording Digital, Print Get targeted consumer feedback to improve marketing
Telemarketing Script Print Decrease chances of hang-ups and welcome conversions with great script
Teleseminar/Webinar Script Digital Original script for fluid presentations
Trade Show Materials Print Material that showcases your products and services
Training Manuals (non-software/technical) Digital, Print Concise employee training materials
Video Script Digital Script for product demos, tips and more
Website content Digital Text for your website landing pages such as Homepage, FAQ, About, or specific category pages.

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