August 28, 2016

The Process


Getting to Know You

A friendly e-mail chat.

  • If you already have a brief, send it my way. If not, no problem! I will ask you some questions that should be a piece of cake for someone who knows your project as well as you do. Such as:
    • What are your product's strengths?
    • Do you have a target audience in mind - gender, age range, etc.?
    • What is your deadline, if you have one?
    • Knowing your budget for the project will help assess how I can best service you. But if you don't have that information, I can still prepare a free consultation for you.

Research. I do some analysis on my own: an initial assessment of your competitors, and what makes your customers tick.


Brass Tacks

I'll send your proposal and an invoice for a 50% down deposit. If you choose not to proceed, no harm done – we can still be friends.

Accept? Great! I will ask you:

  • Any questions that may have come up in my research
  • To send any predetermined writing style guidelines for your brand



I hit the ground running

I'll keep you in the loop with updates of what I'm working on so you don't have to wonder.

Your first draft is created.



Time for your feedback! I give you my best in the very first draft. But if you want revisions, I include up to 3 at no additional cost.

Once any revisions that may be desired are completed, I'll send an invoice for the remaining 50%.


Brass Bands play

Pay the final invoice, and your copy arrives in all its glory!

Prepare for pumping up sales

Want effective copy that gives your brand a strong voice? Let's turn prospects into brand loyal customers today.

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