September 19, 2016

Picture This – Word Definitions with Images

Word Meanings Through Pictures

One Simple Trick You Can Use to Remember Words

Photo Image Learning AidsFrom a young age, we learn to associate pictures with word meanings.

The same strategy is useful for learning a new language, or broadening your English vocabulary. In a period of 12 months, over twenty-seven thousand Google users searched for "English picture." And that was just in the US.

We remember pictures better than words. The brain can process images in 13 milliseconds.

Combining an image or a photo with the definition of a word satisfies visual learning. It also applies the picture superiority effect – fancy wording for the phenomenon that images are more memorable than text.

Okay, pictures, you won this one – you're flashy and colorful and everybody wants you.

For years, I've been using word pictures myself for remembering definitions. Often I stumble upon words that don't have an available picture definition. Since words are like my valentines every day of the year, I thought I'd contribute to the cause.

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