Copywriting Inspiration

Words without inspiration are a flock without a shepherd.

Effective Words

Without inspiration behind them, words are just…there, wandering around. If you’ve read one uninspired instruction manual, you know this.

Flat Writing

Why is that? Why can’t there be some fun little character guiding you through the instructions? A manual could even veer off into paths of “Why isn’t it working: Did you do this part wrong?” like a gamebook. You know, Choose Your Own Adventure?

A couple of reasons: 1) Instruction manuals are technical, expository text. 2) You have no choice but to read them – unless you’re the brave sort who also knows how to assemble random things.

(They could still stand to be goofier, though…balance out the brain strain.)

If you’re writing an ad copy, a blog, or something else that people aren’t required to read, they must be incentivized to do so.

What I’m getting to here is inspiration…enthusiasm.

When I’m writing a real estate description, for instance, I look at photos of the property in full-screen. I play music – usually something without words, like the Baroque station on Amazon Prime. And I imagine myself standing in the home as its brand new owner.

What are the most exciting features – visually and functionally? I make a list of its best benefits while I’m feeling inspired. I’ll even drop in Google Maps and walk around virtually on the street. Fly around in aerial view and get a feel for the neighborhood.

I start with inspiration before I move on to research. That way, motivation and positive feelings about the product color every detail.

Real Estate Writing

Prospects’ emotions guide their purchases.

How could I speak to their emotions without first understanding them?

Get to know your customer demographics, certainly, but don’t forget to fuse the facts with inspiration.

In the copywriting business, we put a lot of emphasis on the technicalities – such as copywriting outlines and readability tools, We use the strategy of emotional content value in headlines, on down into the details. But we can’t forget the organic emotional value, the zeal that inspired us to become copywriters in the first place.

The science of copywriting is critical, and so is the art. We will serve ourselves best if we keep in mind and heart the “creative” in “creative writer.”

Until next time…be inspired!