Some of the Best Blogging Tools

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Want a free blog tool you can use to make your content impressive? Then this post is for you! In this article, I’ll round up some of the best blogging tools on the web.

Surely everyone who writes posts for a website wants to have a cool blog. But even the best of us can run into writer’s block or a lack of fresh ideas. So if you’re looking for a blog post idea generator or other fun tools to make a blog appealing, read on.

Note: I wouldn’t recommend simply taking free auto-generated content and using it as it comes. The best blogging tools are for encouraging your own ideas, and sparking inspiration – a vital part of the creative process. There are tools in existence that claim to generate actual articles or blogs for you, but the same technology-savvy era we’re living in also has tools like Copyscape and other plagiarism checkers. Besides that – and ethical reasons – the most shareable blog posts provide useful information mixed with originality. You want to make a blog, so you clearly have talents. Put those talents to good use!

Best Blogging Tools: Blog Post Idea Generators

Portent’s Idea Generator

Blog Idea Generator

Portent’s Blog Post Idea Generator allows you to enter a topic and gives you a new saucy headline idea every time you hit the refresh arrow.

Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot has a Blog Topic Generator wherein you enter three nouns, and its blog idea generator comes up with blog topic ideas for you to brainstorm with.

Build Your Own Blog

Blog Post Idea Generator has a blog content generator that serves up blog post ideas with a casually comical interface.

SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

Blogging Tools

Another great free blog tool is SEOPressor. Similar to Portent, SEOPressor has a Blog Title Generator which comes up with eye-catching headlines based on the keyword you enter. For more targeted results, you can specify whether your keyword is a:

  • Generic term
  • Brand/product
  • Event
  • Industry
  • Location
  • Person’s name
  • Skill

Impact Blog Post Idea and Title Generator

Best Blogging Tools

Impact’s tool is both a blog post idea generator and a title generator. Click the arrow until you find a topic you want to write about, or enter your own. When you’re done with the blog post idea generator, move on to the title generator to browse cool blog headlines.

ContentIdeator Title and Inspiration Generator

ContentIdeator offers to boost your creativity with a Blog Title Generator and Inspiration tool.

Tweakyourbiz Title Generator

Tweakyourbiz presents a title generator for articles and blogs: enter a topic and they’ll return results in title case, sentence case, or all caps (you choose).

Best Blogging Tools: Assortment of Other Free Blog Tools

Here are some more free blogging tools that can make your posts fun to create.

Written Kitten Writing Tool

Make a Blog

I’m an animal lover (you’ve seen my furry coworker, haven’t you?) – so imagine my delight when I found out about Written Kitten from this helpful Writing Tools Roundup over at bloggingwizard.

Written Kitten is a free blog tool you can type your blog content into, and whenever you reach 100 words an image of a kitten or a puppy (your choice) pops up. Epic.


Generate Text Tool has a tool for when you need some text content but you don’t want it to read as real words. Commonly seen as the filler text to demonstrate WordPress themes and other dummy text, you can generate “Lorem Ipsum” text yourself with this content generator.

Canva Images Tool

I used Canva for the “Some of the Best Blog Tools” image at the top of this post. Once you sign up with Canva (free), you can make a custom blog graphic, social media image, infographic, and more. Canva has both free and paid features.

There are tons of free options – the only hitch is that if you don’t opt for the premium version, you will probably need an image editing program to size down the design if you want it small- to medium-sized. Infographics also requires you to register; then you can use their tool to make free infographics (like this real estate infographic I made to accompany a blog post).

Pablo Text-Over-Image Tool

Cool Blog

Pablo does not require registration and allows you to add custom text over images and download the finished product.

Website Screenshot Generator

Page2Images is a website screenshot generator you can use to capture a snapshot of a site.

Background Stripes Tool

Looking for a simple background to jazz up some images or text? Check out stripemania, a free generator that gives you options for stripes such as color, width, and orientation.

That concludes this roundup of some of the best blogging tools. Hopefully, you can use some of these free blogging tools to make your vision shine!