3 Types of Words with Big Value in Marketing

Actionable Words

Here are three types of words that make content interesting, engaging and actionable.

Keep in mind that these categories should be used in addition to strong calls to action - phrases that tell prospects what you want them to do next.

1. Power words. These words or phrases demand attention and bring to mind action. If you've used CoSchedule's popular headline analyzer tool, you know that power words and emotion words play a large role in impactful headlines.

However, that doesn't just apply to headlines - it's important to keep the reader's attention throughout.

2. Emotion words. Effective marketing has a lot to do with buyers' emotions. Implementing emotional trigger words into your content creates a predictable response you can use to your advantage.

3. Credibility words. Specifics are more believable than general statements, and claims are more believable if you prove them. Words that convey your credibility appeal to people's logistical reasoning. While purchases are based on emotion, customers use reasoning to justify their emotion-based purchasing.

Below are some examples of power, emotion, and credibility words to get your wheels turning.

Power Words