August 25, 2016


Constance Matic, Professional Copywriter

I get people.

Find a writer who can help you affect consumers. My empathy, curiosity, and motivation are unique - and here’s how.


You see, all my life, I’ve had something specific that sets me apart: A strong, intuitive compassion for how people feel, and why they act the way they do.

Professional Copywriter
Looking for a unique and motivated copywriter? You found me!

That is how I know your prospects.

Because I am able to empathize with others in a way that most people don’t - and I know this from a lifetime of realizing where I stand alone. I plop right into a person’s mindset in their critical moments and understand the emotions they experience. I didn’t choose to have this skill, but it’s what makes me an effective copywriter.

People make purchases based on emotion. Demographics and statistics are helpful – and I consider these in my research. But the reason why marketing is not as accurate as scientific research is because human behavior is unpredictable. Individuals have their own attitudes, emotions, and convictions. That is where I come in.

You need words that sell, placed in harmony with the buyer’s emotions. In short, you need a writer who gets human behavior.


As a writer, I'm naturally curious. I'm interested in body language, psychology, and what motivates people. I ask questions, and do research.

I study people and what moves them. It's important to me to always keep learning and growing.


Finally, when I make an obligation, I follow through fully. I’m consistent on my word and execution. You will get a content writer who is trustworthy and meets deadlines. I cut no corners on quality - ever.

I’m driven to make your written content show the best of you. I’ll immerse myself in the benefits of your product or service, and get to know your customers’ wants and needs. Because of my background, I’m able to incorporate both the creative and proven aspects of advertising into your project.

I'm ready to put empathy, curiosity and motivation to work for your content - simply contact me below.

More Details

I have been creating content as a freelancer for over 14 years. For nearly 10 years I evaluated website content and advertisements for 2 of the 5 major search engines, which has given me great insight into internet research and the user experience.

My background includes the following experience:

marketing-sales-advertisingMarketing, sales and advertisinginternet-research-writerInternet research including competitors' promotions
seo-ad-evaluationEvaluation of ads, websites and SEOblog-article-writerArticles and blogs
persuasive-writingFactual and persuasive writingpromotional-brochuresPromotional brochures
website-content-writerWebsite contentfocus-groupsWorking with focus groups
web-ads-writerWeb adsproduct-listings-writerProduct listings
tutorial-writerTechnical tutorials and user guidessocial-media-writerSocial media posts
telemarketing-script-writerTelemarketing scriptshire-writer-onlineAnd more

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