How to be productive

How to be Productive: Clever Productivity Tips for the Workplace

Want productivity tips for the office or working from home? Structure your time for maximum efficiency! The research-backed information below can enlighten us all on how to be productive. Find out: How to increase productivity in the workplace: How to be productive at work yourself and how to increase employee productivity How to be productive Read more about How to be Productive: Clever Productivity Tips for the Workplace[…]

Actionable Words

3 Types of Words with Big Value in Marketing

Here are three types of words that make content interesting, engaging and actionable. Keep in mind that these categories should be used in addition to strong calls to action – phrases that tell prospects what you want them to do next. 1. Power words. These words or phrases demand attention and bring to mind action. Read more about 3 Types of Words with Big Value in Marketing[…]

Vintage Ad for DuPont Combs

Advertisement that Invites Brand Loyalty This vintage print ad for DuPont combs is from a 1948 issue of Life Magazine. It’s a great example of an advertisement that sets its product apart from everyone else. Consider the following phrases: “It’s made by DuPont – that’s all I need to know!” “The DuPont oval is your Read more about Vintage Ad for DuPont Combs[…]

Real Estate Writing

Copywriting Inspiration

Words without inspiration are a flock without a shepherd. Without inspiration behind them, words are just…there, wandering around. If you’ve read one uninspired instruction manual, you know this. Why is that? Why can’t there be some fun little character guiding you through the instructions? A manual could even veer off into paths of “Why isn’t Read more about Copywriting Inspiration[…]