Vintage Ad for DuPont Combs

Advertisement that Invites Brand Loyalty This vintage print ad for DuPont combs is from a 1948 issue of Life Magazine. It’s a great example of an advertisement that sets its product apart from everyone else. Consider the following phrases: “It’s made by DuPont – that’s all I need to know!” “The DuPont oval is your Read more about Vintage Ad for DuPont Combs[…]

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Turning Heads: 7 Larger than Life Advertisements

Ads people can actually enjoy? Win-win. Wow-worthy fact: Pepsi built a brand as one of the first companies who used skywriting to reach the masses. By adding wax to plane exhaust, Pepsi-Cola wrote in smoke across the sky, and succeeded in creating a buzz. Check out some clever guerilla advertising that also got heads turning and Read more about Turning Heads: 7 Larger than Life Advertisements[…]