Turning Heads: 7 Larger than Life Advertisements

buzzworthy advertising

Ads people can actually enjoy? Win-win.

Wow-worthy fact: Pepsi built a brand as one of the first companies who used skywriting to reach the masses. By adding wax to plane exhaust, Pepsi-Cola wrote in smoke across the sky, and succeeded in creating a buzz.

Check out some clever guerilla advertising that also got heads turning and people talking.

great advertising

Source: DesignBeep

1. Sitting on a chocolate bar that doesn’t melt

Who wouldn’t want to sit on – or even take a picture with – a bench that looks like a Kit Kat bar?

useful advertisement

2. A luggage ramp that makes you look twice

This ad by IBM is not just aesthetically pleasing – it’s useful. They even made an urban furniture ad to shield you from the rain.

clever advertising

3. The energy-boosting staircase ad

Although Hamburg eventually withdrew their bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, there is no denying that this ad demanded attention.

drive by advertisement

4. Drive-by advertisement

Tell me you wouldn’t point and stare if a bus wrapped in a snake drove past you. Danish marketing agency Bates Y&R made this ad for the Copenhagen Zoo.

building ad

5. Fun billboard ad

This billboard ad from Lego has produced innumerable smiles.

van ad

Source: jeski.org

6. Tissue attached to a van

A legendary Kleenex ad which went internet viral for all the right reasons.

useful public ad

7. Multi-purpose advertisement

This ad from Nature Conservancy not only draws attention to the brand, it also encourages people not to litter.